Thursday, January 5, 2012


I did it! Sorry for not updating soon enough. Nevertheless, I was able to do what I had in my mind. I had a lot of trials over the way but I did it. I did NO FAP DECEMBER 2011. With that 2011 is also over too and welcome 2012!

I didn't celebrate anymore but I was relief and proud of myself for achieving something. I spend the New Year's at the hospital because my grandmother was admitted. It wasn't really that bad and I guess she will be fine. 

Anyway, I'll give a recap of what I experience over the past month. I did have to do a lot of adjustments in my life. I got a new job and it made me sleep earlier than usual. When I'm unemployed I usually sleep around 2-4am sometimes due to watching porn. Last month, my porn watching decreased a lot because I need to wake up at 6am. What I experience physically was both fun and frustrating. Every time I see a girl I like, I end up having a boner and imagining the things I would do to her. Frustrating because I didn't get her. However, I feel more compelled to approach her than usual. I could therefore say that my risk-taking behavior increase too. I was never really someone who takes risks. I'm that guy who stays in his comfort zone. 

If there's something I learned while doing this challenge, it's trying something new and doing something without putting much thought whether I should succeed on it or not. I entered No Fap December 2011 to try something new. Yeah there are posts in 4chan that says it improves the chances of getting a girlfriend etc. Also I would like to increase my self-discipline. But in reality whether or not I get a girlfriend or fail halfway, what's important is that I have proven myself that I am able to go out of my comfort zone and enter this challenge. Trying already counts as success!


Will I recommend doing a no fap month? Absolutely! At least try it. See for yourself what you might experience over the process.

In case you guys are wondering whether I already fapped or not. Yes I do. On the nights of January 1 & 2. I didn't enjoy it much too as to my surprise. Either way, I came buckets