Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 31: Last Day


I have no idea what to post anymore so I'll just answer a couple of questions posted as comments on my last post.

>What if you're out partying on new years eve and a hot girl comes on to you and wants to make out with you and have you touch her all over then wants you to masterbate while you look at her masterbating while looking at you?  by Bersercules

I would do it if she lets me cum in her mouth or face. Bukkake anyone? Then I'll have sex with her. All this vent up sexual energy within me can probably make me cum at least 3 times.

>srs question here: does it really make you feel more manly? i've read some stuff saying that first 5-7 days aren't really changing you too much, but after about 10 you are more confident and all. is it real? please don't bullshit me, just harsh truth: REAL difference or just imagination and stories to make your fapless time seem worthy? 

 Well kind of. I've posted before that I did become more confident after some days. Even up till now I feel more powerful and confident. The only problem I had was I was constantly busy this month and I didn't go out much. If I did go out, then who knows what would probably happen?
Also, sorry I didn't post much about what is happening when I am outside. For instance yesterday, a cute girl started a conversation at me at a drugstore. She told me that the gloves I'm going to buy is small and would only fit her size. She smiled and I smiled at her also. Before she left, my mind goes "Get her number now!" But the cashier was talking to me and I'm in a hurry. She also looks like she's in a hurry also. You probably think that I lost the chance. Well indeed but I realize something, a lot of people usually start conversations to me when I go out. But when a pretty girl talk to me I feel kind of shy and intimidated. However yesterday I felt natural and at ease that if I indeed get her number, she'll love it or even though I didn't get her number, it's okay since I'll probably meet another girl soon. Do I think NO FAP DECEMBER 2011 made me think like so? Yeah, but not entirely because by this month I started working out again, finally got a job and met new friends. Surely my confidence boost have been brought up by a number of other reasons too.

By tomorrow I'll post a review or debriefing of what I experienced and experiencing after a month of no self-pleasure. Stay tuned man.

That's it one more day to go.



  1. Yay! You answered my question! Thanks! Congradulations on making it this far! Good luck with the next month of blogging!

  2. I don't think that it let you feel more manly.

  3. Lol. Happy new year man, enjoy it

  4. Congrats! I personally see no point in it, but I can see why you did it.

  5. Have a happy New Year! ;)

  6. You made it whoooo now you got like 2 gallons stored up... have fun haha

  7. Wow, you have a lot of willpower. I wouldn't have been able to do what you just did. :P