Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost There!

Just three more days guys!
I'm excited though I'm also a bit disappointed about what happened on Day 24 because some might consider it as fapping. Either way I'm still happy about my self-discipline. It has surely improved and has even showed results into other areas of my life. For instance, I was only tardy once this month. That's great news since this new job I have is earlier than my previous one. I was able to come to work everyday before 8AM. Yeah, I'm proud of myself for that. I also have more energy throughout the day even if I sleep late the day before. Not fapping really increases my energy.

Before I end I would like to share the blogs of guys who have been able to go past one month.

Those guys joined NO FAP 2011 and were able to go past one month. I'm not sure if they are still going strong by this time due to the lack of updates. But I have hopes one of them might.

I hope all of you guys have a great New Year!


  1. You pretty much made it, yeah, I'll save the congratulations for the first though :)

  2. One month? The need to go a hospital! :P

  3. So close to the end, but one might still succumb to the evil forces that possesses ones hand.

  4. Sounds like its working for you! I wish you all the luck!
    When your not doing a no fap month how often do you fap? I wonder this cause you talk about not getting as tired! And I wonder how often you must do it to be tired the next morning from it!

  5. i think you should totally buy yourself a totally unrelated to the goal present, when this is finished.

  6. Seems like a great practice in self control. Congrats!

  7. Haha, I'm participating in No Fap 2012...