Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going Strong on Day 4

As my title says, Yes, I'm still strong on Day 4. No signs of major urges except last night I've had a slight one but I quickly got over it. It's a good thing I went out this weekend to release some energy. I went to my weekly dance class, which I am always so lazy to go to and also did some workout. I feel this "celibacy thing" is probably working out for the best.

The only thing I haven't done this weekend that I should have done is hang out with my friends. I will try to see them over the course of the week though.

Keep going bros. Together we can do this!


  1. good luck sir. I'm right there with you, so far. trying to recover after a failed nofapnovember.

  2. Thanks anon! Good luck also to you.
    As I said, we can do this!