Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 18: Only one week before Christmas!

I'm glad I'm still going strong. But there were nights this past week when I thought, Fuck this! I'm going to fap! But good thing my self-discipline prevailed again. Now I'm halfway done. Congrats to me and to those of you who are still in! To those who already lost it. Don't worry, you guys are still awesome. You also still have a lot of time to make up for it. The No Fap 2012 Challenge is just around the corner.

It's only a week to go before Christmas. I'm looking forward to it but things like my new stressful job are kind of killing my fun out of it. Add the fact that both Christmas and New Year's both fall on the weekend which means we lack some days off.

I've never experienced anything different these past days. I'm still looking forward to a wet dream. My urges to fap have subsided a little but I do feel a bit more attractive and confident. I'm not really sure if it's because of this no fap project or not. Socially, I went out this weekend to meet some of my friends and joined the Christmas party of my colleagues at work. I just blend in and get to know some of them since I'm barely two weeks at my job. Rest assured I will get to know more of them in the future.

That's it and Enjoy the week.

Stay strong as always!


  1. This is amazing. Go strong! Finish it off, I'll root for you! Ahahaha

  2. such a great post full of inspiration thnx 2u bdw come thru my blog sometime n follow if u dnt mind