Thursday, December 1, 2011


Just finished my last fap a few hours ago. I didn't really enjoyed it much. I felt I just did it to get it done with.

I decided to try No Fap December as a practice level for No Fap 2012. Yes, I'm one of the guys who did try it earlier this year but failed about 3-4 weeks in.

I created this blog so that I'll have more motivation to achieve this epic goal. Not to mention that this can act as a sort of journal for things I'm experiencing without any fap.

This will be us on New Year's

Well that's it and Good Luck to me and for those who also accepted this challenge.


  1. Welp...
    My waifu was posted too so, I wish you luck bro.
    Stay strong.

  2. Stay strong too bro! I'll try to post motivationals and inspirationals in the future and post a link of my blog on /a/ to help fellow anons like us.
    Well I don't have any waifu though :p