Tuesday, December 20, 2011

19 Days and Counting

19 days down and 12 more to go. I almost lost it yesterday due to watching porn yet again. It's just after I'm done with my workout. I really do get horny after doing my workout sessions. These porn watching has got to stop. Now is the time for me to concentrate more if I were to accomplish this goal. I know I can do this.

Some of you would probably want to know a little more about me. I haven't really said anything about myself aside from my job. Well first, I don't have a girlfriend so these past days are also a no sex life for me. Me getting sex at this moment would really be of great help to me. As I said before, I feel more confident and attractive this time as compared last month. I do believe that by not fapping for some time can help some guys get laid. I've yet to experienced this though and if I wasn't able to by this month, it's probably more to do with other things like my new job and the Holiday Season. But my hopes are still up that I will meet more new women before this year ends. We all know that I'm going to end this year with a blast. And that's a pretty big blast!

Keep on staying strong bros!


  1. Right, back when I couldn't help myself with porn I would occupy myself learning -interesting- things. Maybe you like drawing, or building in some form, blah etc, so just youtube technique or something challenging to do instead of the porn.

    And, not to demotivate you, because this is just me, but personally the whole fapping thing actually makes me smoother with women. I don't 'need' to get laid, so I take more risks. It's probs just me.

  2. You have a point there bro. The chances of someone increasing their chances of getting a girlfriend or getting laid due to not fapping really depends. For chronic masturbators and porn addicts I really believe that it will help.
    In the end, what I really want to achieve out of this is self-discipline. I myself is a person who is somehow lacking in that department. As they say, self-discipline is like a muscle and you need to practice or exercise it for it become strong. I do feel that my self-discipline have improved over these past few days and No Fap December 2011 is among the reasons why.
    Thanks for the insightful comment bro!

  3. i'm laughing & cringing at the same time. as female, these are the things i'm not sure i want to know about the male mind. i hope you mean a blast of a champagne bottle or something with fire. rock on!

  4. Maybe once you conquer the month you can go for a whole year.

  5. >Maybe once you conquer the month you can go for a whole year.

    I wish I had a discipline for such a thing. Actually this is like a practice run before NO FAP 2012 for some. But for me, I'll have to say I have to pass on NO FAP 2012. If I were able to make it I might try another no fap month next year.

    >Holy crap, 19 days? I'd die.

    That's what I also thought when I started this challenge. It looks like I can make it after all.

  6. That's not natural.

  7. I feel good that my habits keep me going. I now realize it is equal to motivation.